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Our Mission

To promote awareness of bleeding disorders to the general public; provide education and support to persons affected and their families; and to support the ongoing research of the National Hemophilia Foundation.

Our Vision

To be recognized as a leading organization providing valued services; as ambassadors of public outreach to enlighten and foster an understanding of what matters most to those affected by hemophilia and bleeding disorders; and to be our community’s first choice in partnership to achieve their highest potential through empowerment, connection to their community and being part of the solutions that affect them the most, until a cure is achieved.

About Hemophilia of South Carolina

Hemophilia of South Carolina (HSC) is a 501 (C) 3 Non-Profit organization and is a Chapter of the National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF) and a Chapter Member of Hemophilia Federation of America (HFA). HSC was founded in 1973 by a group of parents interested in promoting awareness, providing group support, and assisting other national hemophilia organizations. The organization for 42 years existed as all-volunteer; providing programs and education, support and advocacy for access to care at the states capitol. Today, HSC serves all 46 counties in the state, currently providing education and support services to over 900 members and their families in 38 counties. HSC provides the most current information and education in topics related to bleeding disorders, treatment therapies, insurance and advocacy. Today, HSC has one full time executive director and part time staff members but relies on a strong volunteer base of its board of directors and members. Without our volunteers, we could not serve our mission.


Important Documents

Annual Report

Annual Report

*All donations are tax-deductible and our Tax ID # is 23-7400632.


National and Local Affiliations

National Hemophilia Foundation Logo

Hemophilia of South Carolina is a Chapter of the National Hemophilia Foundation


Hemophilia of South Carolina is a proud recipient of the Partnership Chapter of Excellence Award in recognition of our participation in shared initiatives, trainings, and programs of NHF. We are committed to the relevance and vitality of our national chapter network as we work together to improve the lives of the bleeding disorders community nationwide. We are also a proud recipient of the Programs & Services Chapter of Excellence Award in recognition of our organization’s commitment to serving individuals affected by bleeding disorders through education, community, care, and connection. Additionally we were recently awarded the prestigious Advocacy & Public Policy Chapter of Excellence Award by NHF in recognition of our commitment to advocacy and education initiatives both at the state and local level, aimed at improving the lives of those in the bleeding disorders community. Scoring in the top 15% of Chapters who participated in the review process, we are thrilled to have received these honors. We thank our legislators, treatment centers, stakeholders, families we serve, industry partners, and volunteers for helping us reach these great milestones.

HFA Logo

Hemophilia of South Carolina is member organization of Hemophilia Federation of America

Hemophilia of South Carolina is a registered non-profit organization of Greenville County.

A Proud Member of the South Carolina Associations of Non Profit Organizations (SCANPO)

Public Outreach 2017

Learn more about who we are, what we do and how we support the bleeding disorders community of South Carolina.

HSC News

Past Presidents of HSC

  1. William Eichelberger
  2. Betty Hammond
  3. John Salter
  4. Linda Robertson
  5. George Dobbins
  6. Pete Korn
  7. Patty Korn
  8. Tommy Williamson
  9. Kim Wentzky
  10. Darin Wentzky (completed Kim’s term)
  11. Victor D. Fisher
  12. Darin Wentzky
  13. Rhonda Sumner
  14. Frank Wentzky
  15. Jim Hess
  16. Mark Eichelberger
  17. Lynn Warren
  18. Phillip Lawson
  19. Brandy Stewart
  20. Gene Feather
  21. Mark Eichelberger
  22. Brandy Stewart
  23. Victor D. Fisher
  24. Vidalia McTeer
  25. Suzanne (Sue) Martin
  26. Lisa Bordelon
  27. Mike Walden